Alison Conklin Photography

about alison

i could start by telling you that i have had a camera in my hand since i was 5 or that i could not imagine doing anything else other than photography. but what i think is most important when hiring a photographer is not only falling in love with their photographs but also the way that they view the world. i have had many experiences that have taught me how precious every single day is. how we have great times and not so great times in our lives and truly celebrating the best times is so important. my home is filled with photographs. pictures of first birthdays and holidays and my own wedding as well as random tuesdays when my boys were doing something adorable, so on those not so great days i can look at them and remember.

that is my goal when i am shooting. i want you to be able to look at your photograph and remember exactly what was cracking you up at the time or why you were wiping tears away during a toast. because i believe that the best memories are ones that are caught in a glance or an uncontrollable laugh.